Philippine Birds as Art - Groupings

For 2014, I'm presenting a few possible groupings or combinations of frames of two to four bird photographs as decors for big and spacious walls. While each photograph is a stand-alone and may be purchased singly, the frame series may also be purchased as a set that can be displayed in different kinds of arrangements that will give a more dramatic impact. Here are some of these groupings, combinations and arrangements.

At the left below is "Dining Al Fresco," while on the right is "Bounty on the Bough." This is digital arts DA-02 and DA-02a. In the “Bounty on the Bough," the birds are  (L-R) Hansome Sunbird (female), Everett’s White-Eye, Grey-throated [formerly Plain-throated] Sunbird, Handsome Sunbird, Orange-bellied Flowerpecker, Buzzing Flowerpecker, Metallic Sunbird, and Purple-throated Sunbird (all males). Taken in Picop Timberland Forest, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, January 2011. Both frames are composites of twelve photographs taken in the same tree on the same day. "Dining Al Fresco" was horizontally inverted to reflect the other, with the same birds but in different poses.

Below is NH-01 “Sweet Aurora on Top” - Olive-Backed Sunbird, Capayas, Coron, Palawan, August 2012. Farther below is "Sweet Aurora at the Right " and "Sweet Aurora at the Left" NH-01-R and NH-01-L. These are photographs taken using natural history approach, meaning, no major changes have been made in each photograph.

Below are two horizontal frames entitled DA-11 “War” and DA-11-A "Peace." These are Black-headed Gulls, Migratory Birds, taken in Valenzuela City, December 2010. Each frame is a composite of ten photos taken in the same coast on the same day. "War" portrays birds fighting over dominations and perches, while "Peace" shows their peaceful co-existence.

Next is the DA-04 “Birds of Paradise” series of four frames that separately features three birds in each frame from four species: Palawan Flowerpecker, Pale Spiderhunter, Lovely Sunbird, and Olive-backed Sunbird taken at Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, July 2013. Each frame is a composite of four photos taken on the same day at the same area.

The four frame series follow the four seasons concept. Aside from the square arrangement above, they can also be presented horizontally.

modern office interior

The last combination below features the Philippine Eagle portraits taken at the Philippine Eagle Center, Davao City, June 2010. It highlights “Ang Banog: Haring Ibon” - Great Philippine Eagle, Philippine endemic, critically endangered. This photo has earned Special Citation: Second Place, 1st Bird as Art International Competition, Captive Bird Category, May 2012.

Another arrangement is to line the three photos horizontally. In the above arrangements, the two photos below may also be interchanged with either looking out instead of looking in. The same can be made in the arrangement below.

For the 2014 catalogue, pricing and links to my photos, please visit Philippine Birds as Art Blog or see Catalogue Pricing below

Any photograph in the catalogue and/or in the website may be printed on either crane and floating fine art paper, canvass with museum wrap, or clay coated paper. Corresponding price based on the preferred medium and dimension or size, as shown above, will apply.

Frames will be delivered from 7 to 10 days upon payment of reservation/partial fee of 25% of the price. Payments may be made at Banco de Oro S/A# 3930134718 Sct Albano-Quezon Avenue Branch under Alain Del B. Pascua or thru PayPal Prices above are exclusive of VAT.

All photos are professionally printed and framed at OneWorkshop Giclee by StudioRossCapili. For details, please check their Facebook account ONEworkshop Giclee and their website OneWorkshop.

The photographs are also available for licesing for calendars, planners, ads, print materials, presentations, tshirts, books, designs, and other uses and applications. Pricing depends on medium, usage, exclusivity, period, etc.

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